KLC Story Telling Competion

KLC Story Telling Competion
POST BY KLC July 23, 2018 News

On the opening of our Mutiara Mas and Kolam Air Branch, we have organized a story telling competition for our fellow students at KLC!

On the 8th of July 2018, marks a very special occasion for us at KLC Language Centre. This is because not only do we have 2 branch opening at the same day, we also have a story telling competition organized for the students here at KLC language centre.

The story telling competition has been separated into 2 categories. The morning session will be the ages of 8 and below while the afternoon sessions will be students above the ages of 8. While the competition were announced with very limited time for preparation, all the contestants put a very impressive performance! Some of which only have a day to prepare still manages to read their story almost perfectly and with full of confidence! 

We want to take this opportunity to thank those who have joined the story telling competition as it is no easy feat to find the courage to go up to the stage in front of a crowd and talk in English. This feat alone makes all contestants a winner on that day. We would also want to thank parents whom manage to come and support both our opening in Mutiara Mas and Kolam Ayer. A memorable day indeed!



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KLC March Newsletter

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